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Freedom Without Violence

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It’s always the answer

Except in foreign land

When it’s your army

Fighting for your rights

And your freedoms

In this case

We will memorialize these heroes

And set apart a day to remember their sacrifices

What good is an army

If not to secure freedom through violence

Does violence ever work?

Is violence always wrong?

While often it is clear

That there are two sides to a story

What we often misconceive

Is that one side is right

And the other is wrong

In fact

In most cases

Both sides are right

And both sides are wrong

To some degree

And this is the true element of intelligence

Especially in the face

Of raging emotion

Our job as intelligent animals therefore

Is to find a way to understand the truths

And seek insights to rectify the wrongs

There’s a saying in my native Yoruba language

When two elephants fight

The grass too will suffer

Violent revolution

And even those intended to be non-violent

Tend to have innocent casualties

I guess this is why they say the price of freedom is high

I dedicate this piece to those ones

Who have had to pay this very high price

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