about MUsIC

I always knew I had that passion for music deep in my soul. But I could never have imagined that I would be creating and publishing my own music until late May of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. After experimenting for many years with music production applications like Garageband and Auxy Pro, I finally decided to invest in more sophisticated music production software (Ableton Live) and hardware (Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 MIDI Controller). With the silence of the pandemic and my new gadgets, I produced and released my first single, Coz I'm Yours. That single (with it's very scant lyrical work) got me an interview with an LA music magazine - BuzzMusic LA. Many of my friends were completely stunned at the sound I was able to achieve with that song, and I immediately realized that I had the potential to turn my musical imaginations into real tangible music that people could appreciate.


I started learning everything I could about songwriting and sound engineering through different free and thrifty online courses/resources. I tried my hands at every song that I came across, writing new lyrics to songs that were already on the radio. To my luck, I found out about SoundBetter, a music production website where you could hire top industry professionals to work with you on your music projects. It was through SoundBetter, and working with industry professionals, that I learned key skills about sound engineering. Much of my work was with the two-time grammy awarded Andrés Mayo who worked on putting the finishing touches on several of my tracks including Dream Girl, These Tears, and later, my first short album "The Outsider."


Today, I continue to build on all my successes, collaborating with other independent music artists like myself. I also started providing songwriting and some sound engineering services to other musicians across the globe through my own SoundBetter profile. Connect with me on there to collaborate on your next music project!

Be sure to checkout my music through all the links above, or by clicking the various cover art photos provided on this page. And don't forget to give me a follow on my Spotify artist page!