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about THOUGHTs

At any given time, I'm thinking about something. I'm formulating theories about why things happen; how we function as humans; how to approach common problems; and how the world affects us. I'm constantly trying to understand the fundamental driving force behind every event. Including how natural processes like rainfall, river flow, or snowfall affect the structures that are found in nature. When I'm moved strongly enough by an observation, I write about it.

I'm naturally a very bold and opinionated individual - but writing has taught me to be even bolder. Writing has empowered me to be myself and be completely confident in my story. For this reason, I believe that everyone should be a writer. In the words of Natasha Bedingfield, "No one else could speak the words on your lips."

Prior to developing this website, I had published most of my work on various freelance platforms including Medium. These "old" posts are archived in this section of the website. My most recent writing can be found in the "Blog" section of the website.


What you can expect

More articles reflecting my experiences and thoughts via my blog

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