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I've had an interesting journey when it comes to faith. I was raised in a very christian family - a fairly progressive one. And, believe it or not, I went through a phase when I was atheist. This was shortly after completing college (university). So much in my life at that time was so confusing. And I had started learning really advanced science during graduate school. I actually developed a strong hatred towards christians. They always seemed to think they were better than everyone else. So, I just couldn't deal with that superiority complex.

So, I walked away from faith, and my life was amazing! It was so amazing, that I started to wonder how all of it could be due to just chance - there were some unexplainable experiences that didn't make sense just by chance. However, I continued to refuse the possibility of anything other than chance. After repeated unexplainable experiences, I started to question my refusal of the existence of a "God." I became really curious and hungry for the truth. So, I started searching. In my quest, one book changed everything for me - The Reason for God, by Timothy Keller. This book was actually gifted to me multiple years before I became atheist - I just had never read it. In the end, this book brought me to the point where I believed that a God actually existed - but I didn't know how that was supposed to affect my life at that time. Over time, my belief went from 1 percent, to 2 percent, and so on, until I had 100% belief that God is real. I still have challenging periods when I doubt God's existence, but those days have gotten fewer as time has passed and I've had more experiences within the faith.

After I came back to the faith, the most profound upgrade that my life experienced was an abundance of "hope." Hope for every struggle your mind can think of. Literally! Till today, I continue to be amazed by how much hope I can walk through life with as a christian.


I am fully convinced that this faith can bring the same type of hope to your life. And I encourage you to give faith a chance before you throw in the towel.

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