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Welcome to The Eclectic Hub - a personal branding page that captures the multitude of interests that I have developed over my expanding lifetime. My name is Ibukunoluwa Araoye. If we are meeting for the first time through this website, I'll go ahead and introduce myself as "your favorite opinionated doc." I've always had an opinion about everything, but it wasn't until the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) that I decided to really turn on my love and passion for sharing my opinions and thoughts with people other than just my close friends, family, and students that I've mentored.

I believe this decision to "go public" with my persona has been a long time coming decision that finally connected all the dots of my personal aspirations and goals - to be one of the world's great thought leaders and solutions experts. The topmost picture (by the banner of this homepage) is symbolic to this effect. In that picture, I announced to my new medical school classmates (as every other medical student did during our white coat ceremony) that "I'm bringing my voice to medicine." I had planned to say something else, but someone ahead of me stole my line! And in the frenzy of that moment, I came up with my new line. In retrospect, this was a perfectly fitting choice of words. And I have lived true to that assignment that I gave myself at the very beginning of my medical training.

I have often felt extremely confused on what to do with all my passions - mentoring; team leadership; music composition; acting; teaching; writing; public speaking (motivational and persuasive); vocal performance; my knack for big social and organizational change; and clinical patient care. For a long time, I compartmentalized all these passions and didn't really show all these sides to any one person. Usually, people only experienced one aspect of my passions. I was also too busy with my medical education that I didn't get a chance to explore and develop any of these other passions. But thanks to planet earth hitting the reset button, the moment of exploration got kickstarted.

The latest

A lot has changed since I first published this website on April 21, 2020! After developing my skills as a songwriter and landing a few music blog features for my music (BuzzMusic LA, A&R Factory), I sealed my introduction to the music industry with my first short album titled The Outsider. The Outsider told the emotional story of my struggles since losing my medical career in the United States. To go along with the album, I designed some high quality hoodies that are available for purchase here. In addition, I started providing music services to several musicians across the globe. You can check out my music provider profile on SoundBetter and let me know how I can help you finalize any of your music projects.


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